Attorney Charles Bonner has been fighting for civil rights for over 50 years! Mr. Bonner has been practicing law since 1979, but his fight for civil rights began in the 1960’s as a young activist in Selma, Alabama. His son, Attorney Cabral Bonner, grew up fighting for civil rights, graduated with honors from Stanford Law School and became a partner with his father’s law firm.

Tetra Tech whistleblowers have finally exposed what the Hunters Point Community has known and declared for decades.

The courageous whistleblowers have made an enormous contribution in the name of public health and we cannot thank them enough for coming forward.  Now our work has begun and taking Tetra Tech to task will not be an easy journey, but we will do it and we will do it together. We will do it as a United Community!

We welcome anyone who has direct knowledge from working for Tetra Tech to come forward and work on the front lines with us to confront the giant corporations practicing genocide by poisoning communities of people of color. Too many goliath companies believe they can perpetrate environmental racism without being held accountable.

Tetra Tech employees are now starting to go to prison for the horrendous covert operations they implemented and the media is bringing to light the seriousness of Tetra Tech’s fraud. 

We will fight and we will fight long and hard until we find justice for the Community of Hunters Point.  We will continue to upload as many articles as we can to this website for your convenience in order to educate everyone about the lawsuit and the injustices perpetrated by Tetra Tech.

Please share this website with everyone in the community.  This is a lawsuit for and by the Community of Hunters Point.


We will continue to hold Town Hall Meetings to answer questions and explain the severity of the impact of the radioactive toxic materials Hunters Point has been subjected to for many decades, but especially over the last 14 years. Tetra Tech bestowed a false sense of security upon Hunters Point through the deceit of signing off on the soil being remediated, clean and safe.

Sadly, everyone in the Bay View Hunters Point Community since the beginning in the 1940’s, has been exposed to radioactive toxins. Unfortunately, unless we discover additional facts of another cover up dating back before the whistle blowers of 2004, we are unable to file a lawsuit that will include everyone who has ever been part of the community.  At this time, the limits of eligibility are consistent exposure from any part of 2004 until today.

Eligibility to join the lawsuit means being a part of the Community by living, working, going to church or school, or even reaching back into the community once leaving by visiting family members on a regular consistent basis. Any exposure like this from any part of 2004 until today will qualify you to join the lawsuit.

Come to the Town Hall Meetings.  I look forward to meeting you and moving forward, together!